Kid Pro Therapy Services is a pediatric therapy practice that specializes in the treatment of children with speech, language, sensorimotor disorders, gross and fine motor deficits and challenging behavior. We also work with adults with developmental disabilities.


• Apraxia
• Asperger Syndrome
• Auditory Processing Disorders
• Autism
• Cerebral Palsy
• Developmental Delay
• Down Syndrome
• Dyslexia
• Hyperlexia
• Language Delay
• Neurological Impairments
• Reading and Learning Differences
• Sensory Integration Dysfunction

Vision Statement
Our vision is to be a premier provider of innovative therapies that help children develop the skills they need to create a brighter future. Our goal is to touch the lives of every child that joins our family of therapists through caring and innovative tools used to enrich their future. We strive to help children with speech, language, sensorimotor disorders, and challenging behavior to reach their maximum potential through our close, family friendly environment.